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Welcome to my website (I guess).

Selected Talks

Draft Talks

The following talks are ones that I love (I haven't bothered listing all the talk recordings I know of: I give a lot of talks ;P) but are relatively-uncompelling performances of early versions of the content. I continue to give these talks--mostly at college courses and hackathons--and improve this content, but I haven't made a canonical "final" recording yet. However, enough years have passed that maybe this is still useful.

Random Articles

Android Exploits

iOS Analysis

Personal Projects

  • Anakrino - first C# decompiler for Microsoft's .NET
  • Chora/SVN - web client for Subversion, beating ViewSVN to market
  • Cycorder - first high speed (MJPEG) video recorder for the iPhone
  • Cycript - highly compatible JavaScript->Objective-C bridge
  • Cydia - iPhone APT frontend used on >30 million jailbroken devices
  • Cyrket - Android Market client for desktop web browsers
  • FQL/JDBC - JDBC driver for Facebook's FQL
  • ircWAB - HTTP based IRC client, without Java or Flash
  • Java/iPhone - port of Java to the iPhone (with Objective-C connectors)
  • Menes/C++ - high-level platform abstraction and utility library for C++
  • Nmap+V - original versioning port scanner with XML scripting
  • Orchid - decentralized market for programmable bandwidth
  • s3fs - in-kernel, high-performance Linux filesystem for S3
  • Substrate - powerful code modification and insertion platform
  • Telesphoreo - distribution of Unix software for modern smartphones
  • Quotes - Facebook application for sharing what your friends have said

Political Positions

Academic Papers


  • College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

    B.S., Creative Studies, Emphasis in Computer Science: Complete

  • College of Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara

    Ph.D. Student, Computer Science: Incomplete